Engage Mutual
Customer Case Study

Engage Mutual needed more control over their printing to prevent wastage. The solution provided slashed costs by 40%.

The results of the new print setup have been significant for the business. Prints are now controlled across all departments, resulting in a 40% reduction in the cost of printing.

Engage Mutual's main issue previously was the lack of control within its printing solutions. Without a print control system in place, the company faced considerable waste and soaring print costs.

The Customer 

Established in 1980, Engage Mutual is a mutual organisation based in North Yorkshire. It is owned by the people it serves and run especially for them. All profits are invested back into the organisation for the benefit of its customers, meaning that the company continually works on their behalf.

The idea of mutual organisations is ancient, and has worked throughout history to support people in their times of need. In the modern day, Engage Mutual works from this original idea to be part of a movement that benefits people across the UK by providing for their everyday financial, health, and family needs.

The Challenge

The main issue with the Engage Mutual’s previous printing setup was the lack of control. Without a print control system in place, the company faced considerable waste and soaring print costs. The company also wanted to implement strict print controls that would ensure the security protocols to ensure sensitive data was protected at all times.

Another issue the company wanted to address was print quality and speed of printing. Engage Mutual found that printing speeds were very slow, and when printing documents with the company logo, colours were not accurate, leading to inconsistent branding.

The Solution

With years of experience in the print and print management sector, Document Logic is in a premium position to assist companies with their print setups. As a Xerox Premier Partner, Document Logic also has a huge amount of extra specialist knowledge and access to first-class Xerox products and solutions.

A Document Logic expert visited Engage Mutual to understand their printing issues and to devise a better solution for the company. Firstly, the expert decided to tackle the issue of print control and security. A swipe card system was installed to control and monitor user printing, and reduce waste. This in turn ensured that prints were more secure as they were only released once the user swiped in at the printer ready to collect their print straight away.

ColorQube printers were also installed, providing fast printing with the ability to print up to 90 pages a minute without compromising print costs but instead optimising them. The ColorQube utilises revolutionary hard ink technology and a Three Tier billing system that is charges users only for the colour they use, rather than simply for each page they print. The hard ink also ensures accurate colour matching when printing, thus improving the consistency of the client’s logo once printed.

The Results

The results of Engage Mutual's new printing setup were significant for the business. Prints were now controlled across all departments, with wastage vastly reduced, resulting in a 40% reduction in the cost of printing.

Document security was also now ensured with the swipe card system. The ColorQube printers allowed staff to become more productive as they were no longer required to wait at the printers for their documents, and also ensured that the company logo colours were accurate across all printed correspondences.