What are the benefits of a managed print service?

Office printers: they may be the bane of every IT technician’s life, but they aren’t going anywhere.

In fact, despite the rising popularity of the paperless office, some UK companies spend as much as 3% of their annual revenue on print costs alone. You might think that just choosing a printer to buy is the most difficult part of the process, but you’re also responsible for organising repairs and maintenance, keeping on top of supplies and inventory, monitoring usage, and any other number of issues that might pop up.

By opting for a Xerox managed print service, you will get all these elements bundled in one handy package. Whether you require Xerox managed print in Manchester for your small business, or in London for your massive multinational company, Xerox managed print has countless benefits for any business, big or small.

The Benefits of Managed Print for Your Business

Cost Control

Xerox Managed Print Services from Document Logic contain all print expenses in a single monthly bill, with an all inclusive cost that covers your printer, paper, toner, service call-outs, IT support and more. This makes it much easier to see where your money is going, and see where further potential cost savings can be made. We will offer you a complete Document Logic print audit before supplying managed print services to your business, to see how we can improve your print set up and really save you money.

And, with our P-Counter tool, you can easily handle your print accounting, meaning you have more control than ever over your print costs.

p counter



Imagine how much more work you could get done if you weren’t spending your time ordering print supplies, organising service visits, and calling for your IT team to figure out why your printers are down.

With a Xerox managed print service, chances are that if any issues arise, we’ll have found a solution before you even realise there’s a problem. This means your IT team are free to work on other, more crucial business activities.
And, you can forget about ordering supplies - your printer will send us an automatic alert when you’re running low on toner and we’ll have a replacement with you right away.

Xerox Managed Print Services come with the benefit of Xerox Mobile Print, a super convenient tool that allows you and your staff to securely print from any email-enabled mobile device. No matter where you are in the office or out in the world, you can simply email your file to your Xerox MFD, and collect your prints using your secure pin when you’re ready.

mobile print



When you choose a Xerox Managed Print Service from Document Logic, you’re choosing print products created by a company with an unparalleled commitment to sustainability.

Xerox invests to create products with the lowest possible carbon footprint. In fact, a Xerox MFP will use 50% less energy than the combined energy required by the individual products it contains.

Xerox are partnered with the Nature Conservancy, supporting sustainable forest practices and providing strict environmental standards for their paper suppliers.

Eco Friendly Xerox Managed Print Service | Document Logic

It’s easy to see the benefits of Xerox Managed Print Services for any UK business.
From the cost of paper and cartridges to the administrative time needed to manage your print, there is no denying that your time and money could be better spent elsewhere.

We provide Xerox Managed Print Services in Manchester, York, Huddersfield, Bradford, Rochdale, London, and throughout the whole UK.
If you want to learn more, visit our Managed Print Page, or call one of our experts today on 01904 275 596.