Three reasons why your office needs a refurbished Xerox printer

Author: The Document Logic Team

There are serious savings to be had when you choose a refurbished printer over a brand new model. Yet cost isn’t the only reason that you should consider investing in a refurbished model. Let us share a few of our top benefits of buying a refurbished printer…

Firstly, when you opt for a refurbished printer, you will probably get a much better model - even a top-of-the-line model, albeit a slightly older one - for the same price that a printer of a much lower quality would cost if it was a brand new model. The additional benefit of having a slightly older model is that it will have been tested out in the field and any issues will have been corrected, making it not only a less costly investment but a more reliable one.

Secondly, when it comes to technology, we’re living in an age of constant updates, improvements and new models. When you are on a limited budget, however, buying brand new models at the rate that they are sent to market is impossible. However, buying refurbished printers allows you to upgrade far more frequently, and your business can therefore access improved technology without the normal high price tag.

Another reason to consider refurbished printers is for the green credentials. Businesses across the world are understanding the importance of implementing environmentally-friendly measures. Printer refurbishment is a sustainable system that stops perfectly serviceable equipment from being sent to landfill. Fully tested to retail performance and coming with a 12 month warranty, our refurbished Xerox printers are clever, green business investments.

Convinced? Why not check out two of our favourite refurbished models, the Xerox 700/700i and the C75 Colour Press? The 700/700i is an outstanding, adaptable business printer with professional colour and finish capabilities and fantastic paper capacity. The C75 offers incredible colour quality, high print resolution and sharp image qualities, and is able to print across a diverse range of stocks. As refurbished models, both of these top-of-the-range printers come at cost-saving prices that are sure to make them a worthwhile investment for your business.