Author: The Document Logic Team

Enhancing MPS for SMEs

The future of managed print services lies with small and medium-sized businesses, according to research from Xerox. 

The European SME sector generates over $3 billion of annual revenue alone. The worldwide SME channel is expected to account for 50% of technology business revenue this year with this rising to two thirds of revenue by 2017 as more channel partners deliver workflow services and solutions. 

But this is only achievable with a strong network of local dealers, resellers, retailers and online merchants. As a Xerox Partner, Document Logic is performing a vital role in this sector’s growth. We pride ourselves on the strong relationships we create with our SME customers, and work hard to provide them with the perfect managed print system for their business. 

The SME market has four times the growth potential of the large enterprise sector, but it’s largely untapped. Luckily, this is our area of expertise. We strive to create strong and mutually beneficial partnerships with our SME customers through our provision of managed print systems and solutions that truly benefit their businesses. 

To help us in this aim, Xerox have adapted its three-stage MPS model and also introduced four new tools. These tools will aid us to meet the needs of the two thirds of SMEs that don’t yet have a managed print system, and also enable us to address the requirements of SMEs that want to improve their existing MPS through workflow organisation. 

We believe in providing Xerox MPS to our clients because it’s unlike MPS solutions created by other print companies. Where they usually only create systems that work exclusively with their technology, Xerox’s MPS is multi-vendor suitable, meaning that both Xerox and non-Xerox devices can benefit from Xerox’s advanced, intelligent print management solutions. It’s a win-win all round. 

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