How green is your office?

With all the discussion around and rising popularity of paperless offices, you might be thinking you can get away with having zero printers in your workplace.

Whether you are based in Manchester, York or anywhere around the UK, we are firm believers that even if your office is totally green and virtually paperless, you still need Office Printers on hand to make sure your staff are as productive and efficient as possible, allowing them to produce more for less.

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Why We Still Need Office Printers in our Paperless Offices

A recent survey by industry experts IDC found that workers of all ages still prefer to use paper in their “paperless office”. But in this digital age, why do we need to print at all?

  • Paper documents can be easier to read than a document on a small screen, and far simpler to add notes to.

  • Office printers and copiers allow for quick printing of physical documents which have that “grab-and-go” feel that simply isn’t possible with a digital document.

  • When workers were asked by the IDC how often they use their printers in their modern digital office, 65% of respondents of all ages said they printed documents “very frequently.”

Traditional printing can be time consuming, frustrating and challenging, particularly if your office has lots of different makes and models of printers; imagine how much time your IT team would save if they didn’t need to manage 10 different print drivers for 10 different types of printer.  

As workplaces change and advancements in office technology are made, the ways in which we print must change advance with them.

The Solution? Mobile printing

Xerox Mobile Print Solution allows anyone to print to any make of office printer, no matter where they are, no matter what brand the printer is, securely and easily from any mobile device. The Xerox Mobile Print software app takes the mystery and anxiety out of wireless mobile printing with a truly flexible solution that’s simple, convenient and secure.




The Benefits of Xerox Mobile Print for Your Business

  • Easy to use - print all popular document formats including PDF and Microsoft Office without losing formatting. Choose between a user friendly mobile app or a simple email submission.

  • Convenient - when you’re travelling, at a client’s office or away from your desk, you can easily find the nearest enabled printer. If your usual printer is busy, you can simply print to the nearest alternative printer.

  • Secure - control who can print, what they can print, how much they can print, and when each document is released to the printer.

If you would like to learn more about printing from your mobile device, call Document Logic on 01904 275 596 or use our online contact form.