Author: The Document Logic Team

Cut the high cost and waste of office printing

Printing is a big cost for businesses. Is your business suffering unnecessary printing waste and expenses, too?

It’s estimated that most organisations underestimate their print needs and expenses by as much as 50% each year, with the average employee consuming hundreds of pounds in printing resources that are then never utilised. In fact, in a typical enterprise, printing and document production are often the third highest expenses after payroll and rent. It’s clear: the miscalculation and wastage of printing resources is an expensive universal problem. 

Here at Document Logic, we have seen hundreds of businesses across the UK struggle with printing costs. But it doesn’t need to be this way. Wasting important business funds on printing is unnecessary. And, as experts at sourcing innovative and effective print and IT solutions, we’re here to help. We’ve discovered Print Audit to be a fantastic print management system that saves companies from the seemingly inevitable big bills.