Automate & integrate your printing process

It can be hard to integrate diverse print processes. FreeFlow Core lets you create custom workflows that work together smoothly and cost-effectively without sacrificing quality.

With automation critical to the survival of print and marketing service providers, finding an affordable automation solution for your business should be a priority. Having been in the prepress automation business for more than a decade, Xerox have leveraged their experience to develop a next-generation platform that automates every step in your print production process.

Xerox FreeFlow Core offers the opportunity to improve your entire printing process by integrating prepress tools, workflow solutions, digital front ends and presses so that you can connect all of your digital investments to raise productivity and cut costs. It is a highly customisable, modular solution that comes in three upgradable configurations: FreeFlow Core Base; Advanced Prepress; and Advanced Automation. It’s a user-friendly platform that is suitable for any size of operation. On-site and off-site hosting options also enable organisations to run the software themselves or take advantage of Xerox’s advanced cloud configuration that offers top level security, support and backup solutions.

So no matter the size of your organisation or operation, this highly productive workflow system can offer automation and integration that optimises productivity and allows you to run more jobs with fewer errors.

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