Author: The Document Logic Team

Advanced protection: keep your devices, network, and business secure

With devices more connected and advanced than ever, companies are open to a multitude to security risks. Are you protected?

Modern companies face a dual issue when it comes to security. There’s the clear risk of external security threats in the forms of viruses and cyber attacks, but there’s also an internal risk that many don’t consider. In a study commissioned by Xerox and McAfee, it was found that 54% of employees do not always follow company IT security policies, with some admitting that they were not even aware that there are any. This leaves businesses open to all sorts of security risks, even if steps have been taken to combat external threats.

These risks are also heightened by the complex systems that are now essential to many businesses. Multifunction devices and printers are indispensable to businesses across the globe, but they can present a potentially serious risk to your network if they aren’t adequately protected.

Long committed to protecting the security of its customers and as one of the leading producers of printers and multifunction devices, Xerox has partnered with McAfee to give unparalleled device security.