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Xerox Security

Xerox & McAfee: Unparalleled security and defence.

Xerox has partnered with McAfee to give its customers unparalleled confidence in the security of their Xerox equipment. By integrating embedded McAfee software into Xerox technology, companies are helped to protect against threats to their confidential data via their Multifunction devices.

Using a whitelisting method that allows only approved files to run, the partnering of the two companies offers significantly more protection to customers than the traditional black listing techniques.

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Your network’s Multifunction devices and printers handle sensitive data that needs protecting from external threats.


Xerox’s absolute commitment to security has seen it partner with McAfee to embed the most effective defensive software on the market into its Multifunction devices.

Superior Security

100% commitment to protecting your printers and MFPs.

Working on printer and MFP security for over a decade, Xerox is the leader in bringing security to printers and multifunction devices. With utter commitment to helping customers maintain a secure network through their use of MFPs, Xerox has ensured that all of their MFPs are fully tested for security vulnerabilities before bringing them to market, has developed software updates and patches available for download, and ensured that industry-leading security is integrated into the devices to maximise protection. 

Xerox has partnered with McAfee to stay at the forefront of protecting MFPs from increasing threats. This partnership has allowed Xerox units to guard against malicious attacks like no other. Managing the security throughout the lifecycle of the product, Xerox provides constant security updates and has also developed a suite of document security solutions designed to secure business information and provide anti-counterfeit and fraud protection as easily as printing a page on a printer.

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Key Features

Embedded McAfee Security in your Xerox MF devices detects changes in real time.

Highly protective whitelisting security function decreases risk from typical threats.

Protection is maintained throughout MF product lifetime with software updates and additional security patches.

Additional software can enforce security practices and awareness in your workforce.

Reduces costs of the consequences of unplanned recovery downtime.

Threat Alerts guarantee instant warnings of issues within your system.

Advanced Technology

Enforcing your company’s security policies.

MFPs are essential to many businesses across the globe, and today they are complex embedded systems. The broad capabilities of MFPs and their full scale operating systems, external hardware and software interfaces, embedded web servers, and so on mean that they can present a potentially serious risk to your network if they are not properly protected.

As Xerox products have integrated McAfee Embedded Control Technology, customers have peace of mind knowing their MFPs are secure right from the second they unpack them. Advanced whitelisting technology protects your Xerox devices from attack by locking down all critical systems and preventing unauthorised changes by only allowing recognised programs to run. McAfee Enhanced Security is standard in our newer MFPs and provides additional security and notifications of threats.

Xerox and McAfee commissioned a survey of employee security habits that revealed 54% of employees do no always follow their company’s IT security policies or aren’t even aware of the policies. Thus, establishing security guidelines within your workforce is important, but creating an infrastructure of enforcement is even more effective. User authentication, secure printing, and automatic encryption are just some of the important elements that Xerox software incorporates into your business’s printing setup to keep you protected at every step.

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