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A total commitment to protecting the environment.

Regarded as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies, Xerox commits itself fully to environmental protection. Through innovative products, services, and processes, Xerox advances sustainability in its operations and workplaces, and in communities, businesses and cities around the globe.

Xerox has sound environmentally-friendly foundations. As a result of its Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability organisation (EHS&S), companywide adherence to Xerox’s policies have been ensured. Clearly defined goals, worldwide standards and an audit process along with assessment of product designs see Xerox continually strive to conserve natural resources, eliminate the use of touch materials, and prevent pollution.

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Reducing the environmental impact of the company and its operations in as many ways as possible, including cutting the carbon footprint and supply wastage and by innovating new technologies.


Xerox has devoted itself to environmental awareness and protection. By partnering with numerous environmental bodies, developing breakthrough technology and implementing strict rules and regulations, Xerox has cut its environmental impact and that of companies around the globe.

Policies & Products

Environmentally friendly foundations produce results.

Many Xerox products meet or exceed the requirements of the world’s most widely recognised certifications for product environmental performance. Xerox invests in product designs that conserve energy and consume lower levels of Greenhouse Gases, resulting in MFPs that use approximately 50% less energy than the combined annual consumption of the separate individual products that it integrates.

Hardware and components such as EA Toner and Solid Ink Technology are manufactured more sustainably, generate fewer GHGs, use up to 30% less energy, and generate up to 90% less printing waste. And software created by Xerox have also helped to make workplaces more productive, energy-efficient, cost-effective and aware of the environmental impact of printing.

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Key Features

Reducing business costs with Xerox’s breakthrough technology.

Cutting carbon and greenhouse gas emissions.

Recycling products prevents landfill waste.

Reducing printing waste and raising awareness.

Preserving the world’s forests with sustainable and responsible paper production.

Future-forward efforts to aid worldwide environmental preservation.

Reducing Impact

Continual efforts to reduce, recycle, and be responsible.

Paving the way for companies invested in environmental preservation, Xerox has committed to reducing its footprint and environmental impact in several key areas. in 2003 the company set itself the goal of reducing GHG emissions across all company operations by 2012. The actual results were emissions cut by 42% and energy consumption by 31%. Not stopping here, Xerox continues to set further goals for future reductions in their facilities.

Xerox also commit to recycling initiatives in important areas such as paper, supply materials, and electronics. Partnering with the Nature Conservancy, Xerox supports sustainable forest practices, therefore providing strict environmental standards for their paper suppliers and offering only environmentally sound paper to their customers.

A further commitment to producing waste-free products in waste-free facilities marks Xerox’s devotion to protecting the environment. Since 1991, Xerox has instituted a product takeback and recycling programme and pioneered the practice of remanufacturing, reusing, and recycling office equipment. Over 2 billion pounds of potential waste has been prevented from entering landfills as a result of these efforts.

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