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Print Audit

Assessing and designing new print infrastructure.

Most organisations underestimate their printing needs and expenses by as much as 50% each year. Employees may also be using As experts in print management solutions with a wide range of printers available, we offer all of our potential customers the opportunity to have a Document Logic Print Audit to see how we can improve their print set up and save them money.

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Many organisations face considerable printing costs each year due to wasteful and inefficient printing practices.


Document Logic assess your office to create a tailor-made plan that will allow your company to effectively control printing and save money.

Expert Evaluation

A thorough assessment of your company’s current printing infrastructure.

We begin our services with an expert assessment to evaluate how we can help you best. We will figure out the cost of your current printing infrastructure, taking into account everything from employee time, the cost of paper and toner, the IT department’s time, maintenance time and costs, and initial purposes. It’s important that we glean accurate facts and figures on all of these things.

To ensure that we have the most accurate data possible, we can install software onto your print servers that will gather information on your print environment. This will allow us to gain a valuable insight into employee printing habits and lets us see where we can improve efficiency or cut costs. We’ll also analyse how much you have spent in previous years on toner, ink cartridges, maintenance kits, and other print supplies to understand whether this budget is being used effectively. We often find that companies have excess toner left over from broken devices, or that employees are using high quality paper for everyday printing.

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Key Features

Saves your company money.

Manage any devices that fit into your printing solution.

Scalable solution so you don’t need to run at full capacity from day one.

Increase environmental awareness and compliance of your business.

Improve and enhance your print setup.

A bespoke solution tailor-made for your business.

Design & Implementation

A tailor-made printing plan installed into your office with no disruption.

Once we’ve conducted our Print Audit, we’ll present you with the new print plan we have conceived for your business. There’s often a lot to consider in this print plan, and all of it will be based on the Total Cost of Ownership figure that we established during our initial assessment. The key aim is to save your company money by reducing your annual printing spend.

Often we find that certain printers are under-used and could be retired; other times we find that it may be better to swap several small printers for a single larger one. Whatever we discover in your business print setup will be included in our new plan. We will suggest a number of courses of action to you, such as moving your printer to a more convenient location within the office. All changes will be done steadily so that there’s no disruption caused to your business. We’ll also ensure to arrange training for your employees on how best to follow your new print guidelines. The first set of implementations needn’t be the last, either. We can continually improve your print savings to ensure that your device type, cost, and users are the best possible.

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Why Document Logic?

Big business solutions provided to small and medium sized companies at affordable prices.

Over 10 years of experience as a successful managed services provider.

Committed to developing a supportive and constructive partnership with your business.

Dedicated Account Manager works with you to tailor services to your individual business needs.

Regular one-on-one evaluation of your account and service reports.

Expert advice and help available 24/7/365.

Products & Partnership

Document Logic brings global services to small companies at affordable prices.

Document Logic bring global services to small companies at affordable prices. Using its specialist knowledge and lengthy partnering experience, Document Logic has sourced business services used by Fortune 500 companies worldwide and partnered with the big corporate providers in order to share these services with small and medium-sized companies in a personal and dedicated way.

When you invest in the premium business solutions provided by Document Logic, you also invest in a committed partnership in which our expert team provide continuous communication and support to get your business working at its optimum level.

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