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Intelligently controlling your print & print security.

Pcounter is a leading print management and cost recovery platform, designed to manage print environments, reduce cost, increase document security, workflow, and mobility.

A network-based print and copy software that is highly scalable, Pcounter allows you to take control of your print accounting easily and quickly.

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Businesses lose money and waste resources with ineffective printing, and documents never collected from the printer also present a security risk.


Pcounter creates an awareness of printing costs, controls colour usage, and prints via a secure ID system to counter inefficient and insecure printing.

Controlled Print

Tracking, analysing, & recovering print costs.

With more than 15,000 companies and organisations - from small offices and schools to global organisations and universities - using Pcounter worldwide, Pcounter is firmly established as the leading print and document accounting solution.

Pcounter saves businesses money by controlling their print, copy, and fax costs for over 15 years by tracking, accounting, analysing and recovering the costs of all documents printed to network and local printers. Pcounter has also helped to keep customers’ documents secure when they print via an easy to use and integrate identification system.

Pcounter helps to control the cost of printing and copying by getting users to understand how much it costs to print and copy. It then uses rules-based printing, colour control, and load balancing, amongst other methods, to reduce ineffective printing behaviour. Pcounter is a complete printer management suite that can track print jobs from any platform, and is an intelligent, scalable, and affordable solution suitable for any business.

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Key Features

Secure printing - jobs are only released & picked up by the owner.

Tracks printing and generates reports that can be automated, emailed, and customised.

Fast return on your investment.

Easy to install, manage & integrates with your existing setup.

Minimises printing cost by rules-based printing such as the automatic deletion of duplicates.

Independent multi-vendor solution with support for virtually all manufacturers of devices.

Integrated Security

Seamless integration with your systems for secure printing.

Pcounter secures your print glow by logging all print jobs in a central repository, as well was the user identifications associated with each print. The user ID system can integrate with current ID infrastructure, and significantly reduce the risk of confidential documents being left uncollected at printers.

Pcounter shares Xerox’s commitment to helping organisations to reduce their office print waste, maintain security, allocate or recover document print costs, and to simplify IT requirements. Pcounter is a custom-built solution that leverages the power and flexibility of Xerox office technology to increase the flexibility and security of your printing habits to create more effective and efficient workflows and environments within your organisation.

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Why Document Logic?

Big business solutions provided to small and medium sized companies at affordable prices.

Over 10 years of experience as a successful managed services provider.

Committed to developing a supportive and constructive partnership with your business.

Dedicated Account Manager works with you to tailor services to your individual business needs.

Regular one-on-one evaluation of your account and service reports.

Expert advice and help available 24/7/365.

Products & Partnership

Document Logic brings global services to small companies at affordable prices.

Document Logic bring global services to small companies at affordable prices. Using its specialist knowledge and lengthy partnering experience, Document Logic has sourced business services used by Fortune 500 companies worldwide and partnered with the big corporate providers in order to share these services with small and medium-sized companies in a personal and dedicated way.

When you invest in the premium business solutions provided by Document Logic, you also invest in a committed partnership in which our expert team provide continuous communication and support to get your business working at its optimum level.

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