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Increases the effectiveness of your scanned files with advanced editing software.

ScanPath enhances scanning and document processing functions by automating document processing workflows and allowing scanned files to be converted into standard files for editing. Scanned files increase their utility when they can be turned into editable digital files.

The information is no longer locked down into a read-only format but it appears in the designated location ready to be edited if necessary, and there is no longer any need to retype scanned documents.

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Scanning your paper documents creates more efficient electronic-based processes, however time can still be wasted if you are unable to edit scanned image files.


ScanPath ensures that vital information is never locked inside an image file, and instead automatically converts your scans into editable files as it saves them.

Automatic Management

Documents are immediately converted & sent to wherever you need them to go.

Installed on a non-dedicated server, ScanPath automatically converts scanned documents into standard files, such as Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, suitable for editing purposes. It can also create searchable PDFs, saving the sections of text as extra layers of data to allow for easy searching once the file is stored in your system.

These files are then routed into custom workflows depending on the chosen department or recipient, or they can be sent to a range of web-based depositories, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft 365.

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Key Features

Saves time and increases efficiency.

Converts scanned documents into editable files.

Integrates with your systems and with third party applications.

Release print jobs from multiple devices.

Keeps documents secure.

Create custom workflows.

Enhanced Power

Bespoke workflows & clever technologies get the most out of your data.

ScanPath is an easy to use, quick to install, low-cost yet high-value additional scanning power for MFPs. It is fast and effective at batch and singular file scanning, with quick configuration, saving your business time and making it more productive and efficient.

ScanPath can also be tailored to suit your business. It is highly scalable, with a single ScanPath server servicing up to 50 licensed MFPs. ScanPath can also cater for unique document processing requirements; discuss this with your Account Manager and we will be happy to help you tailor ScanPath to your individual needs.

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Why Document Logic?

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Products & Partnership

Document Logic brings global services to small companies at affordable prices.

Document Logic bring global services to small companies at affordable prices. Using its specialist knowledge and lengthy partnering experience, Document Logic has sourced business servicesused by Fortune 500 companies worldwide and partnered with the big corporate providers in order to share these services with small and medium-sized companies in a personal and dedicated way.

When you invest in the premium business solutions provided by Document Logic, you also invest in a committed partnership in which our expert team provide continuous communication and support to get your business working at its optimum level.

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