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Customised workflows streamline, speed up & standardise your business processes.

Get the best out of your workforce and reduce business costs by implementing customised workflows to automate and streamline your business processes. Workflows provide a smooth and seamless solution to many of the common business problems that prevent companies from reaching their full potential.

When tailored to your requirements, Workflows enable you to optimise the efficiency of your systems, the productivity of your employees, and the security of your information, resulting in a more successful business.



Slow and inefficient business processes drain employee motivation, waste valuable time, and prevent businesses from moving forward.


Automate your business processes with a customised electronic system designed to boost efficiency and productivity.

Maximise Efficiency

Workflows automate processes for greater effectiveness and reliability.

The modern workplace demands efficiency, speed, and cost-effectiveness to ensure reliable service and successful business practice. Customised workflows can solve many of the common problems that hold businesses back from their full potential, such as productivity bottlenecks, misplaced or lost documents, and employees losing hours on low-value tasks like searching and processing paper files.

Workflows sequence business processes to ensure that each step is completed correctly before moving on to the next, which eliminates the element of human error and allows swift resolution of any problems. Workflows also allow employees to do more in the same time by removing unnecessary and repetitive manual tasks from your processes, and only assign tasks to those who posses the correct skill set to perform them. 

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Key Features

Increases efficiency and productivity.

Streamlines and simplifies business processes.

Digitalisation reduces wastage and saves time.

Fewer administrative errors.

Optimises communications and connectivity.

Secure electronic data storage.

Bespoke Solutions

Remove inefficiencies and boost business capabilities with tailored workflows.

Workflows can be applied to any department and any process, from forms processing, to distributions, to invoice processing. Employees can perform tasks in conjunction with other employees, whether in the same office or spread out across a country or even the globe, as the automatic routing of documents for processing and review is instantaneous.

Inefficiencies exist in almost every level of business and will continue to persist if you apply workflows. It is therefore important to spend time analysing your business and its processes to identify inefficiencies you would like the workflow to address. Your Account Manager at Document Logic will use their expert knowledge to help you do this.


Why Document Logic?

Big business solutions provided to small and medium sized companies at affordable prices.

Over 10 years of experience as a successful managed services provider.

Committed to developing a supportive and constructive partnership with your business.

Dedicated Account Manager works with you to tailor services to your individual business needs.

Regular one-on-one evaluation of your account and service reports.

Expert advice and help available 24/7/365.

Products & Partnership

Document Logic brings global services to small companies at affordable prices.

Document Logic bring global services to small companies at affordable prices. Using its specialist knowledge and lengthy partnering experience, Document Logic has sourced business services used by Fortune 500 companies worldwide and partnered with the big corporate providers in order to share these services with small and medium-sized companies in a personal and dedicated fashion.

When you invest in the premium business solutions provided by Document Logic, you also invest in a committed partnership in which our expert team provide continuous communication and support to get your business working at its optimum level.

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