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Organising, managing, searching & sharing your documents made easy.

One of the world’s most flexible and easy to use content management platforms. Eliminate slow business processes and optimise organisation and workflow.

Xerox DocuShare collects and organises all of your business data into a secure centralised repository, allowing users quick and easy access for reference, editing, and publishing purposes. DocuShare’s inherent organisation drastically improves the productivity, connectivity, and efficiency of your employees and business as a whole.

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Paper-based processing and the organisation of digital files demands valuable processing time - time that could be better spent actually getting down to business.


Xerox DocuShare stores and organises your critical business files in a secure centralised repository, making them easily and quickly accessible to all users.

Centralised Organisation

Paper systems are inefficient. DocuShare maximises your time & money.

The innate organisation of DocuShare automates your business processes to take minutes, not weeks. All critical business data is readily available and accessible through an easy to use employee interface, saving staff up to 80% of time previously spent on chasing paper documents or scrolling through multiple folders and files.

Sharing and collaborating become easy tasks via the DocuShare system, the effortless exchange of information optimising business brain power and abilities.


Key Features

Up to 80% reduction in time spent searching for information and files.

Up to 50% savings in operational costs - spendings on paper, storage, shipping, and consumables all reduced drastically.

Elimination of paper-based system improves efficiency - get more real business done.

Data can be easily accessed, shared, and edited by authorised users any time, anywhere.

Data is stored securely and protected by an integrated backup and recovery

Easy to use interface boosts employee satisfaction and requires little IT support.

Complete Security

Backup, recovery & authorised access ensures data is protected.

The secure electronic storage of your data has many benefits. It optimises data safety with an inbuilt backup and recovery service. It allows authorised users to access, share, and process information quickly and from anywhere, increasing efficiency.

Intelligent indexing and search mechanisms save valuable time. It also cuts the costs of physical storage, shipping, and consumable items by up to 50% as your paper usage is reduced significantly.


Why Document Logic?

Big business solutions provided to small and medium sized companies at affordable prices.

Over 10 years of experience as a successful managed services provider.

Committed to developing a supportive and constructive partnership with your business.

Dedicated Account Manager works with you to tailor services to your individual business needs.

Regular one-on-one evaluation of your account and service reports.

Expert advice and help available 24/7/365.

Products & Partnership

Document Logic brings global services to small companies at affordable prices.

Document Logic bring global services to small companies at affordable prices. Using its specialist knowledge and lengthy partnering experience, Document Logic has sourced business services used by Fortune 500 companies worldwide and partnered with the big corporate providers in order to share these services with small and medium-sized companies in a personal and dedicated fashion.

When you invest in the premium business solutions provided by Document Logic, you also invest in a committed partnership in which our expert team provide continuous communication and support to get your business working at its optimum level.

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