Document Management

Vital Document Organisational Tools from Document Logic

Moving from a paper-based system to a digital one has many advantages, and Document Logic's Document Management solutions make the switch simpler than ever.

Remove time-consuming manual tasks and the accompanying element of human error, improve the integrity of your databases, automatically back up your crucial business information, and streamline your entire business processes into efficient automated workflows. 

Progressive Workflow Options

Increased Security of Documents and Data

Streamlined and Efficient Processes


Streamline, speed up, and standardise your business processes.

Simplified, automated workflows save huge amounts of time and money as they eliminate slow and unreliable manual processes and replace them with faster standardised processes, increasing the dependability and effectiveness of your business practices.


Increase operational efficiency with the elimination of paper-based systems.

Business processes take minutes instead of weeks with DocuShare’s inherent organisation. Critical data is collected and stored more clearly and is easily accessible whenever users need it, allowing for greater connectivity and the fast sharing of files.


Improves the quality and integrity of your processes and databases.

EzeScan reads hardcopy documents and captures the data to create high quality digital versions that are then automatically routed into designated folders and databases, making your information easily accessible by authorised users whilst still keeping it safe.


Intelligent software makes managing and searching your documents easy.

DocRecord automates complicated manual document workflows to significantly reduce the time and effort of the managing process. You can find your information quickly and retrieve it whenever you need it thanks to custom categories and simple search functions.


Increases the efficiency of your scanned files with advanced editing software.

Optimise the usefulness of your scanned files with ScanPath’s clever technology. ScanPath automatically converts scanned files into editable file types, allowing you to effectively utilise your electronic data as well as store it safely.