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Xerox Secure Access Unified ID System

A single swipe security system that keeps printing simple and convenient.

Xerox Secure Access Unified ID System is a security option for advanced Xerox Multifunction printers (MFPs). A flexible and convenient identification system, Secure Access integrates with your existing employee or student ID badge system, making it simple for all users to access.

By swiping in with existing IDs, users are provided with a personalised interface at the MFP of their choice, where they can release their print jobs securely and also lessen print wastage as a result.

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Safeguarding business data and network security is regarded by many organisations as the foremost IT challenge.


A sophisticated identification system integrated into your Xerox MFP to improve document security without sacrificing convenience.

Secure MFP Printing

A security system that easily integrates with your existing setup.

As document security is a top concern for organisations of all kinds, IT managers are always looking for new ways to protect their networks and assets. If your organisation has Multifunction devices, this is a good place to begin securing your network and enhancing document information security.

The Secure Access Unified ID System from Xerox works with an organisation’s existing ID infrastructure by integrating it with their Xerox Multifunction printers (MFPs) to heighten document security and also decrease print wastage.

Users simply self-register their current ID cards to create an account, which allows them access to all associated Xerox MFPs. Then whenever they need to print, they submit their document to a secure print queue.

To get the document printed, they must swipe in at the MFP for it to be released. This security measure means that confidential documents no longer sit in print trays, and uncollected documents becomes a thing of the past.

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Key Features

Xerox commitment to information security means documents are kept secure.

Quick and simple for users to access and print with.

Integrates into existing ID system and with your Xerox MFP.

Stops the wastage of prints being issued but never collected.

Flexibility to securely print from whichever Xerox MFP on the network suits you.

Easy self-registration and integration reduces the need for IT support.

Print Flexibility

Intelligent print features allow for flexibility and security.

Xerox Secure Access Unified ID System is not only simple to use and convenient, but also gives users flexibility with the Follow-You Printing feature. An optional addition of the Secure Access System, Follow-You makes it easy for users to print their documents securely from the most convenient device on the network.

Users simply submit the document for printing, then walk up to any Xerox Secure Access enabled MFP and swipe in to release the print job.

Working with all Xerox Extensible Interface Platform (EIP) enabled MF systems, Secure Access is another Xerox feature that allows you to select how many prints are needed, to delete documents, or securely store documents for later printing.

Money is no longer wasted on documents that are printed but never collected, and everyone across the business need no longer worry about the safety of confidential documents when they are printed.

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